Meet the Heal Thyself & Company Staff

Barbara Humphrey, CMT, CKTI

Barbara has been practicing since 1995 and is the owner of Heal Thyself & Co. After 20 years as a professional musician, Ms. Humphrey graduated as a certified massage therapist from the Health Enrichment School of Therapeutic Massage, specializing in neck and shoulder work. Barbara originally started the company out of her home, but when her second daughter came along in 2004, she decided to expand to her present location in Broad Ripple. Barbara’s post-graduate studies include:

  • Postural correction through Structural Integration
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Myofascial Release
  • Repetitive Use Injury Therapy
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Visceral Manipulation
  • Neural Manipulation
  • Strain-Counterstrain (Positional Release)
  • Micro current Therapy with Cold Laser
  • Esoteric Healing
  • Z-Health (a neuro-based rehab therapy)

Ms. Humphrey is the only certified Kinesio Taping instructor in Indiana since 2005. She has spoken in front of numerous state licensing boards on behalf of massage therapists, she has trained athletic trainers for the Colts NFL football team, and has been the keynote speaker for the National Athletic Trainers Convention.

Barbara’s latest efforts include authoring her book: The Illuminated Art of Modern Medical Massage for the 21st Century. The companioning workshop and book have a release date of early 2017. In it she explains her pyramid of wholeness starting with Biomechanics as the base, Neurology, then peaking with Conscious Self Awareness. She explains that so many of us react out of learned conditioning from our parents, our culture and society. We are so distracted with our stress filled lives that we are not fully present in the moment and able to use our Free Will to engage. Instead we react from our Ego Self (subconscious), whose sole responsibility is survival. It does this through PREDICTION, which is based on what we have been taught to believe, our personal experiences (emotional perceptions), and the input from our 5 senses (physical perceptions). What happens when the different information coming in doesn’t match or there has been a kink in the neuro pathways either from disease or disuse making it harder to predict? Our inner “Threat Bucket” gets full, so the brain sends out an action signal called PAIN. By increasing the quality of input to the brain, we can decrease the amount of threat to the subconscious ego and allow our higher conscious self to drive the bus, so to speak. Through specific movement, breathing, nutrition, visualization, and hands-on bodywork we all can become healthy, joyful, pain-free beings

Scott Hansen, MA, CMT, CRC

Scott completed massage school in 1996 at Lame Frog School of Massage and Yoga. He also attended Ball State University; in 1992 he received a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science and in 2012 a Masters in Counseling.

Scott specializes in deep tissue and therapeutic massage.  Scott’s goal is to bring the clients attention to postural distortions that could be causing pain and discomfort and then talk about what stretches and lifestyle modifications can be done to decrease the pain.

Scott uses a variety of techniques and modalities to meet the varying goals and needs of the client. As the treatments progress the techniques may change to facilitate the greatest change. (There is not a set routine).

Modalities used:

Deep tissue massage; Sport massage; Myofascial Release; Craniosacral; Trigger point therapy;  Facilitated Stretching: Esoteric Healing;

In addition to his work in massage therapy, Scott is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. He is also the massage team coordinator for national VA/DAV sports clinics (NDVWSC, NVSSC); he started working with disabled veterans in 1998.  He has been a part of the HTS & Co. team since 2015.

Helger Oomkes, CMT

Helger has been working at HTS & Co., medical massage, since March of 2007.

He has received more than 800 hours of training from the Indiana College of Bodywork and Pain Treatment Center and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Indiana University in 1995.

Helger specializes in pain relief therapy for both acute and chronic issues.

Working with a wide range of integrated techniques, including deep tissue massage, trigger point, acupressure, reflexology, lengthening, hot stones, and myofascia release, his treatments can assist with:

  • alleviation of both acute and chronic pain
  • rehabilitation of recent and old injuries
  • assist with healing of recent or past surgeries
  • work related stress and injuries
  • posture correction for more efficient body function
  • helping increase range of motion
  • manage stress and anxiety
  • regain physical and mental strength and balance
  • understanding ways to stay healthier

Besides being part of the Heal Thyself team, he enjoys spending time with his family, gardening, music, world travel and good food.

Shirley Larner

Shirley joined the Heal Thyself & Co team in February 2015 as the Office Manager. She can be reached  by calling 317-253-8361 or by email at [email protected].