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Medical Massage  Our medical-model massage focuses on the healing of soft tissue through various rehabilitative modalities that address our many layers of fascia and muscle.  When an area of the body is stressed, surrounding tissues thicken in order to protect the injured site.  With a combination of massage and stretching, muscle can regain its appropriate length and pain is minimized if not alleviated.  Massage accomplishes this because it softens fascia, which allows for optimal circulation of lymphatic fluids and makes our muscles operate more efficiently and with greater strength.  This leads to better overall health, well-being, and comfort.  

The following symptoms are just a few that may be relieved with medical massage:

– back and/or neck pain

– headaches

– athletic injuries (shin splints, knee pain, tennis elbow, muscle pulls, etc.)

– post-surgical rehabilitation

– whiplash

– planter fasciitis

– muscle cramping

– spine/neck curvature

– gait imbalances

– decreased range of motion

– athletic training/competition aches and pains


In addition, medical massage is an excellent precursor or adjunctive therapy to physical or occupation therapy or chiropractic services.  Heal Thyself & Co. massage therapists can find problems at their root sources and have a successful record of rehabilitating chronic pain patients using their soft tissue expertise.


Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization  This modality is used when scar tissue has formed in the fascia and caused patterns of dysfunction in the viscera.  It is often formed as a result of surgery, immobilization, repeated strain or injury.  Therapists use tools to break up the tissue and initiate healing.  While it can be painful and is not for every client, it is an effective form of therapy that allows full functional restoration to occur.


Reflexology  Acupressure points with massage facilitate energy flow, relax tension, improve circulation, and promote natural function of the body.

Japanese Hot Stones  Use of hot stones promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation, releases toxins, relieves physical pain and improves blood circulation naturally for better bodily functions.

Cold Touch Laser  CTL uses electronic microcurrent nerve stimulation to treat pain at its source.  The low frequency used closely matches the body’s own electrical frequency for optimal healing. The cold laser portion is likened to photosynthesis;  the cells absorb the light, which helps them produce more ATP (cellular energy) which, in turn, benefits muscle tissue at the cellular level and helps to promote the body’s natural healing processes.

Kinesio® Taping  Kinesio® Taping  is a method of applying special latex-free tape to portions of the body to address chronic or acute issues including but not limited to: 

– postural issues

– muscular atrophy

– strains/sprains

– muscle spasms

– back, knee, or other pains

– basic muscle and joint support

– post-surgical rehabilitation

– edema/swelling


Kinesio® Taping  can alleviate pain and facilitate lymphatic drainage by lifting the skin away from the injury, allowing for greater lymphatic fluid flow.  In conjunction with a massage, or done alone, positive results can be significant and in many instances provide pain relief immediately.

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