Sports Massage

Although sports massage is often geared toward rehabilitating injuries, it is also important in injury prevention. Therapists see competitive and non-competitive athletes of all ages, as injury does not discriminate.

Therapists we can find trouble spots and make sure they don’t turn into chronic problems. They talk with athletes to determine which muscle groups are used repetitively, as repetition can cause imbalance which can lead to overcompensate, which can lead to injuries and pains. Especially in younger athletes, imbalance and overuse negatively impact growth plates and developing bodies.

Therapists can diagnose whether muscular systems are out of balance, or on the road to becoming out of balance, and provide recommendations for stretches, exercises, kinesio taping or changes to how athletes move in order to restore balance and help heal minor injuries and/or prevent injuries.

Sports massage is also ideal for both pre- and post competition and as a part of athletes’ training regimens. It may increase flexibility, reduce fatigue, and decrease soreness as a result of lactic acid buildup.


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